The Brewery

The Brewery unites a diverse group of specialists to create a family of unrivalled and unstoppable thinkers and doers. Agents, publicists and campaign managers; researchers, planners, strategists and creatives. Filmmakers, journalists, and media trainers; artists and designers; campaign and crisis managers. Event designers and tech specialists; procurers of talent and guardians of reputation.

Together we seek purpose, meaning and impact in everything that we do.
To do what we love and love what we do.

The Brewery: love & work


freuds only takes on work once we know we can make a real difference. We join the dots between insight, strategy, creativity, measurement – and our sheer love of the work – to build campaigns that create tailored and meaningful impact. We then bring the work to life through our unrivalled connectivity. freuds: love and work

Proud Robinson & Partners

A Critically acclaimed and globally awarded Creative Practice, based in London & Brighton, working for a wide range of clients. A collection of both thinkers & doers, coming up with ideas, and making them happen. Harnessing decades of experience and a network of friends and family that extends from Shanghai to San Francisco, Mumbai to Miami, to creatively and credibly challenging the status quo.


Republic is an insight based consultancy which helps clients manage their reputation. Through continuous conversations with consumers, influencers, legislators and opinion formers we move beyond what people say to understanding the social norms and values influencing opinion. This transforms our quantitative and qualitative research into the building blocks of an effective strategy.


Brew is a strategic communications firm, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, working with the most innovative companies in technology, digital media and beyond. We help our clients develop and manage their overall positioning, awareness and narrative, strengthening their foundations, laying the building blocks for their success.

Atomized Studios

The Story-Makers: Global content studio bringing together world-class talent, powerful brands and original stories. Development, production and distribution across all platforms.


Procure Worldwide believes that powerful storytelling should be placed firmly at the heart of all talent procurement, building partnerships with shared purpose at their core. With twenty-five years’ buying power and a truly global network of contacts, we secure the best and most innovative deals for our clients.

Freuds Branded

People curate part of their own identities through the brands they choose. freuds Branded aligns organisations with their audiences, building not just beautiful imagery but emotional architecture. We create compelling brand identities for businesses, public sector institutions, NGOs, products and campaigns.

Freuds Film

From cinematic blockbuster red-carpet premieres through to unit and theatrical publicity, freuds Film has worked in film for almost three decades. We build bridges from the realm of the imagination to the real world, helping our clients to tell their stories.

Freuds Accelerator

The freuds Accelerator works with important causes that need to make a critical intervention, and businesses that are at an inflection point, on the journey to scale. We provide access to state of the art marcomms to organisations and individuals that by virtue of their scale or budget would not otherwise have access. We are committed to accelerating disruption.

Social Misfits Media believes world-changing organisations deserve world-class solutions. If you’re a charity, foundation or social enterprise with big ambitions, it’s time to make social media work harder for you. With years of experience across every social platform, our team works with you to deliver tactical, outcomes-driven plans that meet your online and real-world targets. In other words, we help you turn your social media into social good.

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